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Let SMS Endoscopy be your RESOURCE for everything GI . . . from departmental lay-out to innovative product design . . . SMS Endoscopy has the RESOUCES to help the GI community.  Below is a summary of projects and services that don’t show up anywhere until needed . . . SMS Endoscopy can help – just ask!

  • Online CEU programs
  • GI/Pulmonary care and handling staff training
  • Equipment inspection & preventive maintenance on location
  • GI policy and procedure development
  • OEM service contract analysis
  • Equipment “life span” management
  • Clinical support by discipline
  • Product development
  • Non-sterile procedural and cleaning room kits
  • Compliancy based “Elite Customer Service Agreements”
  • Web based GI Help Desk
  • Department design & layout
  • Certified Pre-Owned equipment – all manufacturers
  • Multi-year “Point of Sale” comprehensive service coverage
  • Repair Tracking
  • Endoscopy equipment rental programs
  • Provide endoscopy support to missionary projects
  • Equipment finance and leasing
  • Clinical speaker support
  • Scope-patient tracking programs