About Us

Since 1992, Specialty Medical Systems, Inc. has been a reliable sales and service partner to the health care community. Our company’s pledge for over 25 years is to provide value to every customer from our comprehensive experience. Specifically focused in the GI and Pulmonary clinical disciplines, Specialty Medical Systems is committed to delivering innovative management solutions for endoscopy equipment, repair/service, scope-to-patient tracking, non-sterile compliance kits, and cleaning room support products.

People . . . for over 25 years in the GI/Pulmonary space, 350,000 successful repairs, regulatory and clinical expertise, Kansas City Service Centers ISO managed, and an average tenure of 12 years allows Specialty Medical Systems to remain a viable resource in the ever changing healthcare climate.

Education . . . on-line CEU programs, on-location in servicing, and it’s NEW  “GI Help-Desk” search engine . . . Specialty Medical Systems provides comprehensive educational resources for all of its customers!

Network . . . Our distribution network manages over 750 customers from coast-to-coast and has become an industry leading GI/Pulmonary sales, service and product company.

Service . . . Specialty Medical Systems is dedicated to providing our customers with the best customer service and highest quality repairs! Boasting a 98% retention rate, our service and repair facilities are located in Kansas City, MO and Tampa, FL

Products . . . Specialty Medical Systems proudly represents Zutron Medical, LLC, FujiFilm Medical Systems, Summit Imaging, and multiple GI/Pulmonary product companies.